The Hastings Book Of The Earth

funerals that have been and funerals yet to come

The Hastings Book of the Earth is a project hosted by TEMPO ARTS, Hastings and part of a series of commissions entitled Your Place.

The Hastings Book of the Earth will be an online publication of images, sound and text. The project responds to the experience of Covid-19, which has highlighted so starkly, that dying is part of life. As indicated by the subtitle, this ebook will be exploring the last ritual we all have to undergo one day, and envisage what a good funeral might look like for you or her or him or them.

However quiet, simple, loud or bold, as in a theatre of the imagination in which we stage only the very last act, I am inviting those who would like to contribute to this project to tell me about a moment at a funeral that was in some ways significant, or to describe to me how they imagine their own funeral and even, if they wish, to write what could potentially be their own last words.

I am interested in reflecting on the experiences we have with death and funerals, to explore what a good funeral might look like, a to find out what you are imagining for yourself. I will draw on and build on contributions submitted for the project.

To send any contributions see the Contact Page.

Contributions will be collected until 31st July 2020. I will start publishing pages of the ebook on the TEMPO ARTS website in August.

Many thanks,

Claudia Kappenberg

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